Tiruppur Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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Main Objectives

The Main objects of Tiruppur Chamber of Commerce and Industry is

  • To aid, stimulate and promote the development of trade, commerce and industries.
  • To watch over and protect the general commercial interest of India or any part thereof and interests of the commercial community of Tirupur and its adjoining areas in particular.
  • To consider and formulate opinions in all questions connected with trade, industry, commerce, and manufacture.
  • To collect and disseminate statistical and other information and to make efforts for the spread of commercial and economic knowledge.
  • To adjudge disputes or controversies between Members of the Chamber
  • To communicate with chambers of Commerce and other mercantile and public bodies in India and elsewhere
  • To support and protect the character, status and interests of businessmen, traders, merchants and managers and directors of incorporated companies and other commercial organizations generally and in particular the said persons carrying on business in the State of Tamil Nadu, especially in Tirupur and its adjoining areas.
  • To convene when thought necessary commercial, industrial and such other conferences or seminars or conventions at such places and at such time as may be determined in the best interest of industry, trade and commerce.

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